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About Us

About Xdropship

Our platform user-friendly design software system can assist our customers in designing their products in no time.

Whenever there is an order made to your online store, you just need to synchronize the order to Xdropship. Xdropship will manage all the rest from production to delivery.

xdropship actualizes the perfect seller-buyer-factory collaboration. We are entrusted to manufacture your high quality products and deliver them to your customers in a timely manner.

About Products

About Products

We provide 100+ product models for you to design products,We’ll send a free replacement at no charge, if you have a customer that’s unhappy with their custom product. xdropship is here to keep your customers happy so you can focus on growing your business

About Price

Xdropship Pledge: No hidden fees, you are only payable for Xdropship product you ordered.
At xdropship, we provide competitive prices for high quality products and excellent fulfillment service.

About Products
About Products

About Factory

At xdropship, we possess modernized factories and ensure regular supply of inventory. With semi automated production line, we can ensure our supply suffice worldwide demand and thus you can choose to purchase either in bulk or just 1 item.

For any enquiries, please contact service@xdropship.com. We will respond within 24 hours.